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We all have heard of Balsamic Vinegar, but the real one, the Traditional one, really deserves to be discovered and understood. I lead people to visit the towns and the producers of Emilia since a long time, but a lot of them stop here for just a few hours, not enough to understand that Emilia is a World, not a Region.

That’s why I invite you to spend a half day discovering with me three acetaias. You will see the barrels where the aceto ages for a long while, and you will understand that, even if they are made in the same identical way, the Traditional Balsamicos are all different from each other: some of them are more fruity, others are spicy, and others are dry. Nevertheless they are all absolutely excellent!

We will visit three different acetaias, either in the Province of Modena or in the Province of Reggio Emilia, and we will taste several types of Balsamico Tradizionale in all of them.

The tour lasts for a half day, and if you want it can finish with a lunch or with a dinner with a Balsamico menu, prices for lunch or dinner on request.


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