Cooking Class

Buono, buonissimo!

I like cooking since ever. Since I was a child when my mum made tortellini, tigelle, jams, roasts and any kind of dainties, I strolled around the kitchen, watching every operation very carefully. As I grew up I started taking part to the making of all these delicacies, and… well, still today ther’s no room in my kitchen for pre-cooked food!

I propose you some small classes of Emilian cookery, during which you’ll learn how to prepare some dishes you will choose between for instance tagliatelle, lasagne, tortellini, cappelletti, tortelli, gnocchi, tigelle, torta fritta, piadina or more, as for example a delicious tiramisù, a panna cotta, or cakes as a crostata or a sbrisolona.

The classes will last either three or five hours, and at the end you will have the dishes you have prepared.

Visits/shopping to the local markets or dellies can go before the class, as well as any of the food and wine tours.


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