About Me

photo Alberto Rossi

photo Alberto Rossi

Hi, I want to introduce myself:

my name is Giulia Marinelli, I love art, good food and travelling since I was a child. I paint, I am an Art Master and a Licensed Tour Guide and Tour Leader since over twenty years.

As time passes I am more and more convinced that travelling is an art too, and that with the cooperation of one that lives in a given territory, visitors can better appreciate and understand the more curious and unusual aspects of each country.

I turned my passions to my job. I deal with cultural and food and wine tourism in Emilia since over 20 years, and I can put my experience and my knowledge of my territory at your service. I can also drive you through my region by my new minivan, that is provided with the licence for public transport.

Guide licence n. 45 Provincia di PR, delib. 37 del 12/07/1990
Driver licence n. 3, Comune di Tizzano (PR)
– VAT n. 02574690349

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