Enrico Fermi and the Via Panisperna Boys
– The discovery of nuclear fission –

Opening 17/01 6.00pm Castello della Musica di Noceto (Parma)

Fermi The route of the exhibition “Enrico Fermi and the Via Panisperna Boys”, curated by Daniele Tomasini in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Public Education of the City of Noceto, aims to grasp through letters, documents, pictures, old newspapers, posters and objects, some of the lesser-known aspects of the life of Fermi and the subsequent development of nuclearenergy in the world.

The human story of Fermi, whose origins are those of a traditional farmers family from the Duchy of Parma, is marked since the beginning by great pains and by an extraordinary intelligence. The first big test of his life was in fact the death of his brother Giulio only 15 years old, his only playmate. Nevertheless a lightening run led him shortly to be the best student of the course of Physics of the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa and to become an extremely influential figure in the academic circle. In the early 1930s Fermi constituted the historic group of the “Via Panisperna Boys” in Rome.

Fermi with his Boys gave way to a fertile season of theoretical and experimental studies, as evidenced by several documents in the exhibition, that changed forever both the course of physics and that of the history of man. In 1938, because of the racial laws, Fermi and other “Boys”, as Emilio Segre and Bruno Pontecorvo, emigrated to America.

In the US was leaving the race to the atomic bomb, and Fermi, with his Battery, played a decisive role in the so called Manhattan Project, the secret project that lead to the realization of the first nuclear device. From the letters among the various involved scientists, after the atomic explosions emerge evident worries and restlessness about the fate of humanity.

Therefore this exhibition invites everyone to the debate and to a deep reflection.

To corollary of the event scientific appetizer of the Thirties by Amelia Barone.

Free entrance

The Castello della Musica will host the exhibition from January 17th to February 15th 2015.

Opening times: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 9-12am, Saturdays 3-6.30pm.


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