Would you like to see the most authentic and true Bologna? I have a good tip for you! Take a break and go to the Mercato delle Erbe, just a few steps away from the Piazza Maggiore.

This building has been turned to a market only in 1910. At first it was a Monastery, the one of the Sisters of San Gervasio, and in the 19th Century it was turned to a Barrack. In the last decades it’s been restored for a few times, the last one in 2012. Thanks to the restorations the old structure has been rediscovered, and it has regained its original glamor.

In the central area and in the ones next to the doors there are the commercial activities, where the most important word is QUALITY. The owners of the several shop pay a lot of attention to it, and the clients too. The most part of the custmercatoerbe4omers come from the neighborhood and shop here several times a week, but there are also clients that come from other places, that come here because here they find a real lot of special products.

The most part of the goods are local, km 0, but there also are dealers that offer special products as vegetables and fruits picked up in nature, wild herbs gathered in nature, very high quality Sicilian fruits, organic wines and olive oils, meat cut and minced at the moment and a lot more.

Come and browse through the stands, here there really is something for everyone! That’s not all! Because a few steps from the market there are Sfogline, that everyday make handmade tortellini, tortelloni, lasagne and all the pasta dishes that have made famous the Bolognese gastronomy.

Since a few years ago, moreover, along the perimeter of the market, there are some restaurants that stay open until 1 o’ clock in the night, and offer dishes perpared with the products from the market.

It really is a special place, come and discover it, you will love it!


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