Bologna: a musical walk


Teatro Villa Mazzacorati

Stemmi Archiginnasio

San Luca

parma fuori città
parma fuori città

The names of several worldwide famous musicians are tied to Bologna: Mozart, Wagner, Respighi and above all Rossini. Their stories and their experiences become evident in the grid of lanes that characterizes the town’s historical center. In Bologna also the great Farinelli, the last “virtuoso”, was buried.


I will show you some of the oldest pipe organs of the world, and I will tell you about Padre Martini. He lived and taught, here, and between his pupils there were Mozart and Rossini. He gathered an incredibly interesting collection that is now exhibited in extremely rich museum, the Museo Internazionale e Biblioteca della Musica. In the library there are a large number of books from different periods, and several of them are manuscripts and practically unique.

During our musical route we will also visit the Collezione Tagliavini, formed by a lot of different old musical instruments as harpsichords, spinets, clavicords and more. They all are perfectly working, and they have been donated to the city of Bologna by the Maestro Luigi Tagliavini. The museum’s crux is the harpsichord by Giovanni Battista Giusti, from 1674. Today the Tagliavini Collection is housed in the San Colombano Church, an old cloistered complex located in the very center of Bologna.

Moreover the Teatro Comunale is a jewel-like building from the 18th Century; it has been projected; it has been projected by Antonio Galli Bibiena, as the old Teatro Malvezzi had been destroyed by a fire. The inauguration took place on May 14th 1763, they performed Il trionfo di Clelia, by Gluck, and there were more or less 1500people here. In the following years the Comunale became famous tank to its openness to contemporary and foreign artists, as Wagner. But the Comunale is not the only theatre here in Bologna, there are several other structures, very different from each other, as the Teatro di Villa Aldrovandi Mazzacorati, a small cozy room from the 18th Century, where the balcony is supported by several very strange athletes.

These are only some of the aspects that a musical tour of Bologna offers you. Come and see it with me, music here is still alive!

For your nights, moreover, there are several places where you can listen to live music or see shows of different kinds. Don’t forget that this is also the town of the beloved Lucio Dalla and of Gianni Morandi!

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