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A new and very interesting museum has born in Verdi’s lands: the Museo Renata Tebaldi. The great soprano was born in Pesaro, but her family came from Langhirano, and she studied pianoforte in Parma. She sang at La Scala, conducted by Toscanini, and she is still today considered one of the most beloved opera singers of all times. The new museum is placed in a really charming location: the old stables of the Villa Pallavicino. There we will be able to cherish several costumes, jewels, hats, dresses and many very refined objects that made Renata Tebaldi a real, adored diva.

In Busseto, moreover, the places where we will be able to enhance our knowledge of the Maestro Verdi are several. We could start from his birth house, in Roncole, where Verdi spent his childhood and his youth and from the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, where Pietro Baistrocchi taught him how to play the pipe organ. After this we could go to Busseto, take a walk under its arcades and visit the Salone Barezzi, located in the palace that belonged to the Verdi’s patron and best friend: Antonio Barezzi. I suggest you to visit this place, because the Maestro came often here, both as a young man and as an adult and rich person. It’s a really fundamental place, for Verdi’s memory. A few steps away from Busseto’s main square there also is the Collegiata di San Bartolomeo, the church where the young Verdi started learning composition under the guidance of the Maestro Provesi, and where, in the small Trinity Chapel, he married Margherita Barezzi, his first wife.

Across the square we will also be able to visit the Teatro Verdi, a small bombonnière inaugurated in 1868 with the Rigoletto. This cozy theatre has approximately 300 seats.

But in Busseto you will find music everywhere, because Carlo Bergonzi had a small hotel and restaurant next to the theatre. Bergonzi is considered one of the greatest verdian tenors of the twentieth Century, and his restaurant and hotel are a must for all opera lovers.

The house where Verdi fixed his residence for the last 50 years of his life is located in Sant’Agata, a small village next to Busseto. Verdi’s heirs still live in this house full of charm and of memories. Just a part of it is open to the visitors, that are also allowed to walk through some of the lanes of the garden where Verdi liked to spend some time and take inspiration from Nature.

During this itinerary we will also have the chance of tasting some of the specialities that are made here in the Lowlands of Parma, as the Culatello di Zibello, the strolghino or the Spalla Cotta di San Secondo.

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