A Taste of Baroque in Emilia

Sassuolo interno

Sassuolo Camera dei Sogni

Palazzo Albergati Interno

Schiava turca
Schiava turca

A day near Bologna, tasting delicious food and visiting two amazing Baroque palaces.

I want to let you discover two hidden gems of Emilia located not far from Bologna. The tour is available on Sundays only, and it will be confirmed only after checking the locations’ availability.

Our wonderful Sunday will start with the visit to Sassuolo, a small city on the Modena hills, where I’ll guide you through the many rooms of one of the most impressive Baroque palaces in Italy: the Este’s Ducal Palace. Richly decorated with frescos and plaster elements, this building is extremely well preserved, at the end we will visit the garden, where you will admire the incredible Peschiera, a sort of open-air theatre of the 17th century.

The second and tastier stop will be in a small village in the outskirts of Bologna, where we’ll have lunch in one of the palaces that belonged to the Albergati family, a really impressive location where, on given Sundays, it’s possible to have a buffet brunch and to enjoy the visit to an amazing private summer residence. Here, apart from the monumental rooms, you will admire two kitchens, one for bread and pasta and the other one for meats, huge wine barrels and much more.

Return to the hotel in the late afternoon.

Possible only a few Sundays a year, reservation with large advance necessary.

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